[ デモカー紹介 ]



Painting color≪塗装色≫
 NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GT-R Genuine Color Bay Said Blue All paint (body)
 NISSAN SKYLINE R32 GT-R Genuine Color Gun metallic All paint (bonnet)

Engine performance 13B-T≪エンジン系≫
 Correction balance picking with the main part OH& POT stage
 Turbine Genuine balance picking OH article
 ECU ROM tuning
 SAMCO Strengthening Pipe
 ARC Intercooler
 Electric Hwang three-set + coupling (pushing in x 2 drawing x 2 fan)
 Burrow off valve
 HKS strengthening Actuator
 RE雨宮 Air cleaner

 Cooling system≪冷却系≫
 Cooling and a its original work bonnet
 Three steps of KOYO and aluminum Radiator core
 Strengthening Radiator upper and lower sides hose
 Acre Cooling water

Brake mechanism≪制動系≫
 For 17 inches A brake mechanism side and before side and the backside
 NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GT-R 4 pot Brake mechanism
 Brake line Stainless mesh
 The Welwood P valve for the Brake pressure regulations
 ABS equipment Completeness Removal
 Acre Brake pad
 The masterbag & amp; cylinder for MAZDA Einfini

Exhaust system≪排気≫
 Air pump cancellation
 Kakimoto front pipe
 Catalyst Straight pipe
 muffler left side appearance Diameter 115 single
 APEXi active silencer

 Four-flower full alignment
 Front strengthening hub
 Piro Upper
 Crime gear
 17 inches of work aluminum F/8J off +15 R/9J off -5

 Mechanical LSD MAZDA
 Strengthening release clutch cover sticking-by-pressure 780 kg

Tire Size≪タイヤ≫
 FIDIRARU 595RS (front 235 / 40-17 rear 255 / 40-17)

 Strut Tower bar (岡田エンジニアリング)
 Each Bush strengthening article
 Increase of panel opening welding

Interior design &system≪インテリア・電装系≫
 BLITZ-DUAL-SBC Spec R embedding
 Quick shift
 Five blitz addition [ besides Omori ] (two water temperature) oil temperature, oil pressure
 Genuine bucket for Efini Two chairs
 momo fighter Steering
 Its original work EL meter

Air resistance mitigation parts≪エアロ≫
 Carbon fiber material GANADOR mirror (electric)
 Carbon fiber material GT wing (low mount processing)
 F/S/R one-off processing
 Body smooth processing

 Pure high mounted lamp Removal
 Side mall Less
 Rear glass smoke Film
 The passing shot lens for export
 Flat side winkr Lens
 Additional blinker for automobile inspections (for S15 )
 Only for coupe Tail Lamp
 One-off processing driving lamp embedding
 Number move bracket
 130Z NASA Duct Processing its original work Wright Air Intake
 Increase of front rear its original work wide-sized (pure contrast front + 60mm) one side 3cm
 Increase of front rear its original work wide-sized (pure contrast rear + 80mm) one side 4cm